Life is like a pendulum.  It can swing one way and then another … all within one day.  As long as I have a cuppa tea close by and the following list I’m good to go….  I study part-time, work full-time and have a family.  My pendulum can swing one way to the other very quickly. Continue reading “balance”




I am on a business trip to Sydney and the weekend was mine!  Included was an assignment and a lab report from studies (thank you Endeavour), but I managed to escape and enjoy some of the delights of Sydney.

The flight steward said the Opera Bar puts on a delicious breakfast.  Well, that was going to be a bonus.  A brilliant view, brilliant weather with a brilliant breakfast – excellent way to start the day (….. before I complete that assignment that was a like a noose around my neck).

It was well worth going.  There is the Opera Bar and the Opera Kitchen – don’t confuse the two.  The Opera Bar was sit down with restaurant service and has a lovely atmosphere.

I started with a cold-pressed watermelon juice and a piccolo coffee, a nice kickstart to the day after the brisk walk from the apartment to Sydney Harbour.  The waiter recommended the bruschetta style mushrooms, and he was right!  Beautiful combination of texture and flavours.  Yum!


My work colleague and I drenched ourselves in the delights of Sydney Harbour and completed it with a walk at the Botanical Gardens along the river.  It was so relaxing and refreshing…. aaagghh…. sigh…. very relaxed…

Alas, that assignment was waiting and I had a deadline to meet.  I had promised myself if I completed it I would give myself Sunday off to completely relax…. and that’s what I did!

——- BALANCE ——–




Doing the downward dog

Mondays! Oh how we love Mondays.  It is the beginning of the work week. Well, I actually do.  Purely for the reason a work colleague was inspirational in there thinking and twisted their yoga teacher Jason in to giving a class at work on Monday’s, for a reputably less cost then attending a studio.  LOVE IT!

It does take a chunk out of my day.  I look at the time I need to attend – what am I thinking, it is on work premises – against my work load and yoga always outweighs everything else.

I come away afterwards relaxed and refreshed…. Sometimes with jelly legs, actually to be honest, more likely than not,  and my core muscles are screaming for the next couple of days to remind me that it was definitely worth it.  I walk around pretending I have these awesome abs.

I find I am able to tackle that pending work load a little better.  I am more balanced because I have taken little bit of time to spend on me.  My wellbeing and mental state is sharper yet calmer as I tackle the afternoon and it puts me in a good frame of mind for the rest of the week.

I count my blessings this takes place at work.  Finding the time to balance everything in one’s life can be challenging.  I really enjoy yoga and it has helped me with my flexibility and suppleness.  It has helped with the healing of my back injury which has been an added and unexpected bonus.

It is one of those activities that you constantly find yourself improving with. When I started and where I am today (still long way to go…..) is huge.  And when I think back to where I was twelve months ago, I am incredibly grateful and appreciative that I am even doing yoga.

Thank you work colleagues for putting this weekly yoga sess together and for work allowing it.  I am sure it is something we can all benefit from.  Imagine what most workplaces would be like if they allowed the practice of yoga on their premises. …..

Right, Monday lunch time… time to get down and do my downward dog!



Nutrition and mental wellbeing


I love food!  I love eating that food!  And when I began to notice the type of food I was eating – and as my quest to lose weight became a reality –  I noticed my attitude began to change.  Instead of feeling mundane, lifeless and energy barren my mental state became more positive.  Is it possible there is a link?  And this is where my quest begins and my blogging starts as you follow me on this journey of discovery to see if their is a link between nutrition and mental health.

Along the way I hope to inspire you to improve your mental health, no matter how small, or how big to a healthier you.